He is a very popular guy in school and often flirts with Iroha though leading to her rejection. His greatest rival is Hikari. Due to his jealousy, he eventually started rumors spreading that Tsutsui is a lolicon.

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Takanashi was initially snobbish, deceptive and arrogant to the point of ruining Hikaru's reputation just so he could have a chance with Iroha by spreading rumors that Hikari was a lolicon. Later though, after witnessing the gravity of his actions, he begins to feel a bit of remorse and eventually apologizes to Hikari's family along with his younger sister who assisted him with this act. He eventually begins to tag along with Hikari and his group of friends more. He begins to act more like a friend to Hikari as the story progresses, and starts to care more about Ishino, although he continuously denied it. This hints to him having feelings for her, and plays into the "tsundere" trope.

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He is a good-looking boy, commonly described as an ikemen. He has brown eyes and blonde hair, and is depicted as having 2 piercings on the left ear in the manga.

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